Amy Stout

Stout,Amy.delicatebalanceIIAmy Stout is a West Virginia native and resident, born into an artistic family.  As a child, she was immersed in their creative process.  It was always a collaborative event with constant input and feedback.  “I learned a great deal at their feet.”   As an adult, it is no surprise, Amy enjoys working with others, either individuals or teams, on collaborative projects.  “Something about the collective creative energy is inspiring.”  Even when she works on individual projects, Ms. Stout enjoys attending open studio for the interaction with others.

Artist Statement :

I prefer simple, bold pieces.  I do some realism, but lean toward modern and abstract art.  Working in all mediums allows the freedom to use the skills I have been taught, but test the boundaries, explore new ways or unconventional methods.  The hope is to create something unique with room for the viewer’s own interpretation.