Guest Artist Opportunities

How to be Considered for Guest Artist Exhibit Opportunities at Gallery Eleven

Those interested in their work being considered as a Guest Artist of Gallery Eleven should contact Linda Stonestreet at Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address in your communication. Upon receipt of your request you will be contacted and asked to submit images of your work along with a resume or artist statement.  Linda will answer any questions you may have after she explains the process and procedures for exhibiting. There is a small fee for exhibiting as a Guest Artist.

Once your work has been reviewed and ready to exhibit, Linda will mail necessary paper work to you and assign the month for your exhibition. All work must be gallery ready with proper framing and wiring.

All submissions are given thorough consideration and review.  This is a fine arts gallery so no crafts or photography please.

Gallery Eleven is happy to provide this opportunity to artists wishing to share their creations with the public.