Featured Artist: Kathy Boland

Kathy Boland is introducing her new series “Grande Dames with Daffodils “at a reception Saturday, July 22,2017, from 5:00 PM to 8:00.PM. There will be talk by the artist at 7:00 PM. Gallery Eleven is located at 1025 Quarrier Street. It is open 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. Contact: 304 342-0083.

Since 1990 Kathy has painted one of her main inspirations, the Greenbrier, with its grandiose beauty and decor. The history of the buildings have meaning and life, and her paintings represent this storied history .

Expanding upon her love of architectural details and gardens is her new series “Grande Dames with Daffodils.” Here the focus has transitioned from current glory to the past. In contrast to the Greenbrier series, this set of painting demonstrates historic houses that are now older and deserted showing the poignant transition as things of beauty fall from their grandeur. These impacts of time are endearing and appealing.

As Kathy states, she is interested in things that have been forgotten, remnants of another life. Painting them allows her to get acquainted in a more intimate way, to learn what made them proud and greatly loved, and to understand their entire history – not just the days of glory but the whole story. The daffodils are still growing although the houses are forgotten. They stand faithful by the lost stairs and pathways, remnants of the former grandeur. Kathy put these faithful steadfast “friends”  in her pictures as a tribute to the houses and their grand story.


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