Arthur Evans


Evans4About the Artist:   Arthur Evans was born in Charleston, WV, in 1946.  From the age of nine, he lived near Belle and graduated from Dupont High School.  He attended Morris Harvey College and graduated from Marshall University with a BA degree in German, with a minor in art in 1969.  He enlisted in the Army for Spanish language training and, following his military service, enrolled at the Institute for Translation and Interpretation in Munich, Germany.  He moved to California in 1975 and found a position at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, where he taught for twelve years.

Upon making acquaintance with a print maker and taking an apprenticeship, he left the language school and began to dedicate himself completely to painting.  He attended classes at a private art school in San Francisco for two years and then began to give art instruction in his own studio as well as painting for shows around the San Francisco area.  In 1998, Arthur moved to Cambria, where his works were displayed in Cambria’s finer galleries.  Circumstances in 2002 brought him back home to West Virginia.  Since then he has been improving upon his Vermeeresque style of painting along with teach art to local patrons.  Arthur has also received commissions for the State, the most recent being a portrait of Supreme Court Justice Thomas McHugh.