Joyce Waltz Daniels

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A native West Virginian, Joyce Waltz Daniels has a Bachelor of Science degree from Alderson-Broaddus College and Masters in Biology from West Virginia University.  She has taught biology and science and worked for the State college and university system for over 30 years.

Throughout her administrative career, Joyce maintained hobbies that enabled her to express her creativity.  Her main interests were needlework, hand-weaving, and photography, where she practiced the techniques of using color, design, and composition. Always interested in learning new techniques, she took classes in hand-weaving, digital photography, jewelry-making, and mixed media art.

Since 2009, Joyce has studied acrylic painting, collage, and monoprinting techniques with Amy Flowers, Jacqueline Sullivan, Mary Todd Beam, Jane Davies and Pat Dews and other mixed media artists.  Joyce is a member of Allied Artists of West Virginia and Gallery Eleven, an artists’ co-op in Charleston, where she is administrator of the web site and Facebook page, in addition to staffing the gallery two days a month.  Her paintings are on exhibit there year-round.  After a three-step jurying process in 2014, Joyce’s work was accepted into Tamarack,West Virginia’s arts and crafts showcase.  Recently, her paintings were chosen for the Tamarack’s 2015 “Best of West Virginia” show and the 2015 “Best of West Virginia” show sponsored by the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

 Artist’s Statement

“When I was a young child, the Christmas present that would excite me most was a brand new box of crayons, especially the big, 64-color box, with its exotic colors like cornflower, thistle, and burnt sienna.  As much as I loved to work with colors, I also liked to create and experience textures in various arts and crafts, from needlework and hand-weaving to digital art.  When I was introduced to abstract painting with acrylics in 2009, I became obsessed with painting because this medium enabled me to experiment as never before with colors and textures.

My paintings are the result of an intuitive and spontaneous process that begins with putting textures and color on the canvas and seeing where that leads me.   Sometimes I work impulsively with broad strokes, and other times more deliberately, with attention to details.  Often I put collage pieces and layers of paint and glazes into my paintings. Rather than attempting to represent any particular image, I seek to develop an intriguing composition that draws the viewer’s eye into the painting and lets the viewer’s imagination define the picture.  To me, fine art is something that evokes feelings, and I strive to make my paintings evoke feelings of pleasure as well as curiosity as to what might be beneath the many layers of glazes and paint.”