Awyn Danielle McQueen Milam

Artist’s Statement:

“Born and raised in Williamson, WV in a musical family it was only natural that I pursue a career in music. After a very busy career performing (singing, dancing, acting, directing, conducting) and teaching music I became aware that my creative output in music would diminish as I aged. As I grow older so will my voice. So, in 2006 I asked my husband if he would give me oil painting lessons for my birthday. This was something I had always wanted to study, but could not afford time. I’ve always said “when you stop learning you die.” As an oil painter I approach my subject, whether it’s the face of a person or a flower, as a study. I am constantly trying to see what the subject is expressing. What emotion, secret or thought is behind their expression? What feeling does this subject pull from me? This emotion, feeling thought is what I try to capture when I render a likeness and my hope is that those who view my paintings will experience it too.”